Is It Necessary to Get Lymphatic Massages After Liposuction?

It's being 2 wks since I had lipo to my upper/lower abdomen and flanks,so far i love how my body looks.However,I noticed this bumps on my abdomen. My PS told me to just massage it and that they will go away. I have been massaging it everyday for about 15 minutes but i am not sure if that is enough. I see that lymphatic massages and endermologie treatments can help.Did anyone here received any of these 2 treatment?if you did, did it help?if you didn't,did massaging yourself give you good results?

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Lymphatic massage after liposuction is worthless.

Not only is lymphatic massage unnecessary after liposuction it doesn't work in the first place. Endermologie is the same.

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Is It Necessary to Get Lymphatic Massages After Liposuction?

thanks for your question, in my personal experience, after an liposuction  ultrasound  therapies and lymphatic drainage massage(combined) are very useful in the recovery process,  they help the disappearance of edema and also prevent or reduce fibrosis, irregularities and flanges or soft tissue contractures.

Jose Luis Acosta Collado, MD
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