Referral for Lymphatic Massage in Houston/Katy TX?

I am having a Brazilian Butt Lift on Monday 11/26/2012 in Florida. Because I live in Houston/Katy TX area he does not a lympathic therapist to recommend me to. Can a local surgeion please recommend? Thank you so much.

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Lymphatic Massage after Brazilian Butt Lift

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I personally do not recommend lymphatic massages after my BBLs. There is not evidence that they actually improve the long term result. I have also found in some cases, lymphatic massage can prolong swelling because it can traumatize and irritate the areas. Some people swear it helps so the opinions are mixed.

Lymphatic Massage after Brazilian Buttlift

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   I have not been overly impressed with the results of lymphatic massage.  I think that most patients heal without consequence without any massage.

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