Tips to increase growth after FUE treatment?

Is there any recommended supplements or lotions or things to do to boost hair growth after fue? I am coming up to 3 months post surgery. Any suggestions?

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Post-Op Supplements

Anything that people use to boost the growth of hair following FUE has its potency debated. Some say PRP really helped but there's been no studies that confirm it makes a difference. Laser therapy is also debated, so are lotions etc. that claim to increase post-op growth. These methods certainly won't hurt to try if you look into them and think they may be right for you, but they come with even less of a guarantee than the transplant itself.

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Tips on FUE

The best tip I can give you is to pick a good surgeon and a great surgical team to do your surgery as that gets the best results possible. Nothing further is needed unless you are under 30, then the drug finasteride may have value to prevent shock loss

William Rassman, MD
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Tips to increase growth after FUE

Generally, if an FUE procedure is done correctly, the grafts will grow.  However, I have noticed patients who do PRP procedure post hair transplant tend to have earlier graft growth and sometimes less shedding.  I haven't read any medical articles or journals with proper studies, however this is just based on my experience.  Its definitely not necessary to do anything other than patiently wait.

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Hair growth

you are still very early at the 3 month mark after FUE. The hair has to go through its cycle before it starts to grow after a transplant. Be patient! Preventative medications are key to helping you keep your native hair. If you have any concerns about your transplant, it is best to discuss this with the surgeon who performed your transplant.

Rae Lynne Kinler, MD
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Post procedure tips after FUE

I typically recommend patients to begin Finasteride, Minoxidil and Laser therapy after the procedure.  Apply Monoxodil post procedure seems to keep the hair in the growth cycle.  Another option to accelerate growth is PRP.  Contact your surgeon to see which option is best for your situation. 

Gregory Michael Bazell, MD
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Post op care recommendations

Unfortunately treatments may not help always or we can't evaluate the positive effect precisely. I would advice my patients to start finasterid from the third week after a hair transplant  . But note that each doctor may have their own routine for post op care. Better to contact your surgeon for   recommendations . All the best

Ilker Apaydin, MD
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There are no specific tips to help grow your hair faster after a surgery.

There are no specific tips to help grow your hair faster after a surgery.    If your surgery was a success your hair will grow over the next 6 to 12 months.

Jae Pak, MD
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