Lumpy,Bumpy,Inner/Outer Thighs with Dents. How to Correct? (photo)

I had lipo on my inner/outer thighs by a board certified plastic surgeon, and now my legs are ruined. I heard of something called liponow that are injections to fix it by a nurse in AZ. Im trying to debate whether to fly out there to get the procedure done. It just sounds to good to be true.I'm really depressed and I have lost my self esteem..

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Post-liposuction defects

defects after Liposuction are very common especially if the procedure was not performed the right way the first time. its good to know you went to a BC plastic surgeon. Im sorry to hear that you didnt get a good result. if I were your surgeon i would do a touch up lipo and not do anything else. 80% of my liposuction practice consists of correction of liposuction defects. Granted they can never be 100% corrected but they can be made a lot better. u might require some fat grafting in addition to liposuction

Good luck

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Dents after liposuction

Dents and lumps after liposuction are easier avoided than fixing. Suctioning and fat transfer or grafting can smooth out the irregular areas though several touchups are often required.

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