When Getting Lipo on the Stomach Area What Are the Chances of the Cannula Puncturing an Organ?

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Chances of Perforation in Liposuction

   The risk of perforation with liposuction is extremely small, and some plastic surgeons have never experienced this after hundreds or thousands of liposuction procedures.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Organ Puncture with Liposuction

While this is a rare occurrence in experienced hands, I have personally known of this happening on two occasions, one leading to death. Both were by non-plastic surgeons doing procedures they were not trained to do. Check the credentials of whomever you select and make sure they have significant experience in liposuction.


Robert T. Buchanan, MD
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Liposuction and the Risks of Organ Injury/Puncture

Dear needtoknow123,

As noted by all of the earlier physician responders, the risks of organ puncture or injury is low in abdominal liposuction however it is not unheard of.  This is why anyone who is performing a liposuction procedure must be constantly aware of the position of the cannula tip.  Not as simple as it sounds but something that all board certified plastic surgeons are trained in during their years of residency.

Just to reassure you, liposuction when performed correctly is a very safe procedure and one with a degree of patient satisfaction.  Best of luck with your surgery.

Herluf G. Lund, Jr, MD
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Intraperitoneal Penetration In Liposuction

While theroetically possible, intraperitoneal penetration by a liposuction cannula is a very rare occurrence. It is not a problem that I have seen or have heard of a specfic case but it undoubtably has happened somewhere. In experienced and qualified hands, this is a vert remote possibilily.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Cannula Puncturing Organs

Then chances are low but disastrous if the cannula were to puncture any abdominal organs. This is why you always have your cosmetic procedures performed by an experienced board certified plastic surgeon!

Scott Loessin, MD
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Risks of liposuction

The risk of puncturing a vital organ is very rare. It is probably slightly higher in patients with previous abdominal scars and hernias that are not appreciated priopr to liposucition. It has been reported as a complication.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Liposuction a Low Risk Procedure When Done By a Plastic Surgeon

In over 30 years of performing liposuction, I have personally never punctured an internal organ.  In the hands of a board certified plastic surgeon, this risk is extremely low.  It is not zero, but it is very low.  As mentioned by another doctor, hernias are usually viewed as a contra-indication to the liposuction (meaning don't do it).

Unfortunately there are other practitioners out there doing various forms of liposuction.  They often emphasize the machine, rather than the doctor performing the operation.  As someone once said, does anybody know what type of chisel Michaelangelo used? Best of luck.

Paul W. Loewenstein, MD
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Liposuction Specialist says risk is low...

Risks are low for canula puncture...all surgeons are aware of this issue.  Choose your surgeon carefully.

Guillermo Koelliker, MD
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Low risk issue but not ZERO risk

It is very rare that a surgeon would puncture an organ with liposuction.  Risks increase if there is a hernia and most surgeons will not do liposuction on a patient with a hernia.  Unfortunately more and more "doctors" are doing liposuction that are not trained in plastic surgery but rather take weekend courses.  These complication have and can happen even in the hands of a well trained excellent experienced plastic surgeon so you need to minimize your risks and make informed decisions.   Good luck!

Evan Sorokin, MD
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Risks with liposuction

There is always a risk of injury to any underlying structures, however it is extremely rare.  This is why it is important to choose a surgeon with experience.  

David A. Lickstein, MD
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