Corset As Compression Garment, Will It Give Me the Waist I Want?

I want an very small waist with a certain shape. I would like a combination of the "conical" and "s-bend"(for the profile, refined back with larger bottom) shapes. If I had lipo/cool sculpting, and then wore a special smooth-interiored corset with a lighter compression garment, could I get this shape? Or, alternatively, would a surgeon be able to give me this ratio of waist to hips? I have a lot of extra fat on the waist but not so much on this hips, so I figure it could be possible.

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Body sculpture

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The way to get the shape you want is through Liposculpture. I define that procedure as taking more fat from some areas, less from others and transferring fat to other areas. in order to get your desired look more than lipo and binding is needed. Garments have proven in double controled randomized studies to have no effect of the long term result; when judged by an independent group who were "blinded". See a board certified plastic surgeon, not just any cosmetic surgeon, and ask how many sculpture procedures has she or he done.

Waldorf Plastic Surgeon
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Sculpting the waist and compression garments

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Thanks for your question.

In our San Francisco area practice we perform a great deal of liposuction.  It is a fantastic way remove fat in a targeted way.  It can definitely help shape the waist line.

But don't forget - your waist line is produced by more than just fat.  Your waist shape is also determined by the integrity and position abdominal wall muscles and your abdominal skin.  Liposuction isn't great at managing either one of those and procedures like tummy tucks can help there.

The compression garment helps with skin retraction and minimizes swelling.  It, however, can't put curves where you didn't have them before or where the surgeon didn't perform work.

Make sure you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon to discuss all the options possible.


I hope this helps!

Waist sculpting with liposuction

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Liposuction can do one thing:  remove extra fat from between the skin and the muscle. The resulting shape of the waist, or the ratio between the hips and the waist is determined by:

  1. the underlying structure of the body
  2. the boney frame of the body
  3. muscle mass and shape
  4. relative removal of fat from the waist versus the hip

Consult with a physician who has a lot of experience performing liposuction and be very upfront about your goals. S/he should be able to tell you if your goals are achievable. Wearing a particular type of compression garment or corset will not give you a specific shape, however.

Good luck!

Kimberly Finder, MD
San Antonio Dermatologic Surgeon
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