Toothpaste Safe for Lumineers?

Is any type of toothpaste okay to use on the Lumineers?

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Cleaning your Lumineers or other Veneers

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For good maintenance of Veneers (including Lumineers) and to maintain a high glaze, avoid using any abrasive toothpastes (Baking Soda, Pearl Drops), use a soft brush, and floss thoroughly each day.

Memphis Dentist

Safe toothpaste

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Most over the counter toothpastes are safe for both dental restorations, like Lumineers, as well as virgin tooth structure. Things to be careful of are ones that can cause staining (like Crest Pro Health) or ones that are very abrasive (like Tom's of Maine or any tartar control toothpaste). Ask your dentist or hygienist which paste he/she recommends for your particular needs.

Gerilyn Alfe, DMD
Chicago Dentist

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