Cavities and Root Canal After Getting Lumineers

What should be done when a cavity develops or a root canal is needed after getting Lumineers done?

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RCT and fill after the lumineer

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Even afer placing a lumineer on the tooth one can still get the cavity on the side and the back side of the tooth as lumineer covers the front part of the tooth.If the cavity is big enough to get a rct then it can always be done from the back side of the tooth and if the cavity on the side of the tooth it can be fixed as well ,in some cases we might have to replace the old lumineer with the new one.This happens when there is open margin and will not be problem if we have good integrity of the lumineer.

San Jose Dentist

Root Canal Treatment and Cavities after Lumineers

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All Veneers and Crowns can get decay and nerves can die requiring root canal treatment. Decay can sometimes be treated without replacement of the veneers. Root canals can usually be completed without compromising the integrity of the veneer.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

Root canal treatment should not affect integrity of Lumineer

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Lumineers generally cover only the front and sides of a tooth. When a tooth requires root canal therapy, access to the nerve is usually done from the back of the tooth, away from where the Lumineer is located.

If a cavity forms along the edge of a Lumineer, replacement is usually needed. Small cavities sometimes can be repaired, but it is a case by case situation.

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