Lumineers Vs Veneers

When would you recommend lumineers instead of veneers? What factors are considered?

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The key is to find a dentist you trust and see some actual cases

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Prepless veneers, of which Lumineers are one brand name, can look fantastic and have nice finish lines. Unfortunately it requires an absolute master ceramist and highly skilled and trained dentist to deliver this.  When you need bigger teeth (to fill spaces or broaden the smile) they can look great if done exceptionally well.  When done in the wrong case, it's a disaster.  Luckily, they can be removed and brought back to original shape (I've done it for veneers done in another office) but then that's money down the drain.  Like the others here, I have seen more bad than good.

Memphis Dentist

I would do regular porcelain veneers

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I have yet to see a Lumineers case that I considered "aesthetically accceptable" in my mind. I agree with Dr. Jablow that they can cause ledges at the gumline and cause inflammation. This inflammation is caused from an un-natural emergence profile that that new tooth has. All a Lumineer is is a no-prep veneer. Dentistry has been doing "no-prep" veneers ever since veneers were invented. I understand you are concerned about tooth reduction. Go to an experienced cosmetic dentist and explain this to them. They can usually indicate to you that they will remain conservative in the reduction of CERTAIN areas of your tooth- not just the entire tooth.

Lumineers vs Regular Porcelain Veneers

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Lumineers CAN work when you are doing a LOT of them (for example, at least eight to ten teeth). In that situation the shape and size can be generally matched. I would do Lumineers for someone who is not too picky about the final result. There WILL be variations in the colorations, because the thicknesses of the Lumineers will vary.

Another consideration is that the bite has to be matched extremely well for the Lumineers (or any porcelain veneers) to hold up well. 

In general, the main advertised advantage for Lumineers is that the teeth are not prepared, drilled or shaved down.  There are other systems (other brands) that can allow that same non-invasive approach, but done in a way to give more personalization and better color matching. I choose this approach MOST of the time.

Any veneers can be a big improvement, but beautifully crafted, thoughtfully color matched, and meticulously bonded, and precision matching of the bite will provide you with MNAY years of beauty and a magnificent smile, without regrets! (and the envy of your friends).

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We recommend Lumineers under certain circumstances

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If your teeth are fairly straight and you want to make them whiter and improve the shape, Lumineers can be a great solution.

Lumineers vs Veneers

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Both Lumineers and traditional porcelain veneers have their strengths and weaknesses. Both systems used in appropriate situations and done correctly will transform a smile. 

Different veneers for different cases

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I have used different types of veneers from ceramic materials to different levels of full prep, minimal prep and no prep veneers including Lumineers and Cristal veneers as two fine examples of ceramic labs we work with for the latter.  
Every patient is unique and treatment options are numerically ordered depending on the case.  For those cases that minimal to no prep veneers are adequate to get beautiful aesthetic results, full thickness veneers are then put lower down on the list of options, as, tooth preservation is ALWAYS ideal.

Find a dentist that has completed all different types of veneer cases and see what is right for your situation.

I alway recommend porcelain veneers over lumineers.

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I prefer porcelain veneers over lumineers because they fit better and look better. 

This is alwyas the case. 



Dr. Alper

Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

Apples vs. Oranges

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Anyone who recommends Lumineers over regular veneers simply doesn't know what they are talking about.  Lumineers are substandard venners created by a company with great marketing. 

After some homework, I think you would agree on Regular

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Normally the ultimate goal is a beautiful smile. If Lumineers are being offered, ask to see some finished cases done by the office in question. Rarely are there Lumineers cases that are beautiful or fantastic, and you will see after seeing the pictures. Even some of the official marketing photos from the company are just so-so.

If tooth conservation is the issue, most veneer cases can be very conservative but would require some tooth reduction. This is replaced with porcelain, so the end result is NOT a weaker tooth, just an altered one.

Porcelain veneers have many advantages

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There are many reasons one should almost always choose Porcelain Veneers over Lumineers. Porcelain veneers are much more lifelike, can block out very dark teeth, have the proper strength and allow for proper contour at the gumline. Lumineers are only for very specific cases which most do not meet that criteria. If used improperly they can cause ledges at the gumline and chronic inflammation.

Jennifer Jablow, DDS
New York Dentist

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