Problems and Complications with Lumineers?

I read the question someone asked on your site, and would like to know why this person's friends encountered these problems from Lumineers. 1. Halithosis (bad breath) 2. Breaks, etc. 3. Gum disease (1 case required surgery). Can you please explain why these happen and how to avoid them?

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Possible answers to your Lumineers problems

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Lumineers are one brand of prepless veneers. There are many brands and performed properly are a durable, healthy and esthetic solution to many smile issues. Bad Breath may occur from a poor seal when bonding the veneers and bacteria collecting under the restoration. Fractures can occur from a poor bonding technique, inappropriate design of the bite, or excessive clenching and grinding without a night time appliance. And placing the Veneers too car under the gum can cause a non healing inflammation of the tissue that can only be reverse with surgery.

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How to avoid Lumineer Complications

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The answer is simple.  Avoid Lumineers if possible!  The porcelain is of poor quality.  The Lumineer people recommend finishing the edges at the gum line of the Lumineer with a dental bur (drill) which is an absolute no no with veneers.  Often the Lumineers are overcontoured which can cause chronic gum inflamation. 

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Lumineers is touted as "no prep" veneers. If there is no margin (recessed edge), then there will be a ledge at the edges. This can trap plaque, which can smell or stain. Trapped plaque can also lead to gum disease. Bulky edges can irritate gum tissues, leading to gum disease.

Since they are very thin, they are more prone to break.

Not all Lumineers cases are terrible, but often these cases disappoint people and get replaced.

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Complications with Lumineers

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When Lumineers or any restoration are placed properly most of the complications listed should not be experienced. The reason for #1: Halitosis- may be due to: poor seal on the restorations which allows bacteria to gather at the margins of the restoration and can create Halitosis (bad breath); #2- Breaks or cracks: can be due to improper bonding or an inaccurate bite. The breaks can also be due to a patient that is grinding his/her teeth and not wearing a Nightguard to protect the restorations; #3- Gum disease: Can be due to the improper placement of the restorations causing irritation of the gums. This could be because the restorations were placed too deep into the tissue. When restorations are placed above the gums, they allow for better tissue healing and a healthier more cosmetic appearance.

Good luck!

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