Hi Doctors, Can I use Lumigan eye drops instead of latisse for increasing my eye lashes; also i want to know it will harm my eye with anyway? I live in egypt and we don’t have latisse here. Many thanks Jana

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Using Lumigan instead of Latisse

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Both Latisse and Lumigan are Bimatoprost 0.03% so they are identical and will not harm your eye. Latisse, however, is packaged with sterile applicators for applying the solution properly and in a sterile fashion to the base of the eyelashes. Since Latisse is not available in Egypt it appears that Lumigan may be your only option.


South Burlington Dermatologic Surgeon
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Lumigan vs Latisse

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Essentially, Lumigan and Latisse are the exact same product, only packaged differently. The history of this is that Lumigan is a medicated eye drop used to treat glaucoma. Over the years, as glaucoma patients used Lumigan, they saw their glaucoma controlled, but also noticed their eyelashes becoming longer, thicker and more plentiful. Allergan, the company that makes Lumigan, approached the FDA in the United States and was allowed to repackage Lumigan as Latisse, and instruct patients that don't have glaucoma to put some Lumigan on a small brush(supplied) and apply it to their upper eyelashes. In approximately 6-12 weeks these patients noticed the same improvement in their eyelashes. It has been a hit!

The only side effect of Latisse I have ever seen is some mild irritation of the eye and I instruct these patients to apply a little less product to their lashes. There are some reports of Lumigan(remember, full strength and used as an eye drop for much much more of the product is getting in the eye)causing some change in color of the iris pigment in a small number of eyes. I have never seen this or even read about this problem with Latisse use.

So, to answer your question, yes, you can use Lumigan in place of Latisse, if that is all that is available to you in Egypt.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Lumigan instead of Latisse

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Lumigan and Latisse consist of the same medication.  A major difference is in the method of administration.  Latisse is applied at bedtime via brush to the upper eyelid while Lumigan is usually instilled into the eye. Since this is a medication, side effects are possible and you should be examined by your eye doctor for possible complications.


Sandy Feldman, MD
San Diego Ophthalmologist

Lumigan vs latisse

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Latisse and Lumigan are the same drug

all Latisse is is a bottle of Lumigan in a white box w some brushes in it

just put the Lumigan in an old mostly-used mascara bottle, it will work better this way than Latisse

that's what I do for my patients!

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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