Can I Use Latisse with Recurring Iritis?

I am considering using Latisse as my eyelashes are thinning with age. However, I do have HLA-B27 associated recurring irits and am very cautious about anything I use on or around my eyes. I tend to flare once every 12 months or so. I am on sulfasalazine, but no other regular meds or optho treatments when my eyes are quiet. Given this, what is your opinion on the use of Latisse for these circumstances? (Yes, I will also ask my Opthamologist but am interested to hear opinions!) Thank you!

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I would highly recommend you get the "OK" from your opthamologist prior to starting Latisse. 

Good luck


Dr. Grant Stevens        

Latisse and Iritis

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While there are no published cases of Latisse causing Iritis, I recommended asking your opthamologist if this is a safe option for you.  The answer will most likely be yes, but it is always best to be cautious.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Safety of Using Latisse with recurring Irits

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There is no published information that the safe use of Latisse worsens or brings on Iritis. You can see it in the enclosed package insert off our website.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

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Latisse Use and Irtitis

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Although there is no documented evidence that the use of Latisse would cause any issues with your HLA-B27 and Iritis issues, if you were my brother, I would stear you away from adding any unecessary medications that might throw you out of immunologic balance. So, I would avoid Latisse if I were you.

Anthony J. Kameen, MD
Baltimore Ophthalmologist

Latisse would not be recommended for you.

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Although you will be applying Latisse to the lash line above the lids some could get in the eye. I recommend that you discuss this with the opthamologist who takes care of your iritis. 

Susan Goodlerner, MD
Torrance Dermatologist

Safety of Latisse with iritis

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Latisse is an extremely safe medication to use. Over two and a half million prescriptions for Latisse have now been filled. To my knowledge, there have been no reports of Latisse causing iritis. Less than 4 percent of people experienced redness, irritation and itching of the upper eyelid which was reversible upon discontinuation. Please remember the eye is exposed to a very small amount of Latisse even when it is properly applied as directed to the upper eyelid margin using the supplied applicator. This has been demonstrated by applying a colored dye to the eyelid margin and watching its migration. Be careful and use the minimal amount possible for each application.


Latisse and iritis

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yes there is no conflict between latisse and iritis

but you should make sure your iritis is controlled

Emil William Chynn, MD, FACS, MBA
New York Ophthalmologist

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