Can Latisse Darken Skin Colour? I Suffer from Vitiligo on my Hands

And also my ankles

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Latisse and Dermarollers Work Well for Vitiligo

In addition to its efficacy for elongating eyelashes, recent evidence suggests that bimatoprost, the main ingredient in Latisse, may also be useful for repigmenting skin of patients suffering from vitiligo. When bimatoprost was used to treat glaucoma, its original use, pigmentation of the surrounding eyelids was sometimes noted--a fact which led to investigating its usefulness for repigmenting depigmented areas of vitiligo. 

To increase the penetration (and thus to increase its efficacy), I have been combining the twice daily home application of bimatroprost with the use of a home Dermaroller. The roller, by making temporary microchannels in the skin, enhances penetration of the bimatroprost and thereby enhancing its efficacy. To speed up and ehance repigmentation still further, I combine this home regimen with periodic in-office treatments using professional Dermarollers, which possess a greater number and deeper needles to ensure a more adequate uptake of the bimatoprost. . This combined approach has led to a good deal of patient gratification.


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Dear Ajax2683, a single trial of use of BIMOTOPROST { Latisse} in treating vitiligo patients was submitted during the world congress of Dermatology, May 2011, by Dr Narang, from India. 10 patients with localized vitiligo  applied bimatoprost 0.03% ophthalmic solution at a dose of 1 drop per 2 cm2 of affected skin twice daily for 4 months.Seven of 10 patients showed pronounced repigmentation beginning on average after 2 months of treatment. The face responds best , with much less  response on other areas. Disease duration less than 6 months showed best response. 

It is not a standard line of treatment as of yet.

Khaled El-Hoshy, MD
Detroit Dermatologic Surgeon

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