Why is my acne flaring up so bad after infini?

Hi, I had infini 9 days ago for acne scarring and my acne is flaring up more and more everyday. The doc put nothing on my skin after and advises only mild cleanser and moisturizer for the next 7 days after. Which is exactly what I've done but I'm getting 5-7 new pimples each day and I haven't broke out like this in years. It's like all the stuff underneath is suddenly coming up. Is this normal with infini?

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Breakout after Infini

This is most likely due to a superficial infection. Sterile technique must be used as much as possible during the procedure and nothing should be put on the skin afterwards unless it is approved by your physician. The small channels remain open for several hours. I use Clindamycin get one time after completion of the treatment which helps prevent this. Moisturizers can occlude and lead to acne. I promote use of skin care that contains growth factors such as Lifeline. 

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Antibiotics after INFINI

Sometimes the occlusion of the moisturiser can temporarily worsen acne after treatments with laser- micro needling. The use of an oral antibiotic and change of moisturiser can help. Alway important to exclude an infection, so early intervention is best- see your Specialist who preferred the Infini procedure. 

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Acne After Lasers or RF

Call/see your physician this can happen and should be treated with oral pills and topical medications.  Please ensure this is not a staph infection or herpes outbreak or fungal infection after energy based treatment.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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