Is it possible to use a prosthesis with the All on 4 that would not have fake gums? What are gumless prosthesis called?

I really want traditional implants because I want the true feel of real teeth. Unfortunately, the All on 4 procedure it my best option (2 opinions). My fear is that I will never get the feel of real teeth because the gums are fake and there is a gap between the implants and gums. To me, the All on 4 prosthesis choices are closer to dentures than they are to traditional implants. Is it possible to have "gumless" teeth that would fit and feel like real teeth? ** I will actually get all on 6

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Gumless Prosthesis

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I think first you need to know that the All on 4, was never designed to replace the multiple single implants, which would give you the feel of natural teeth. The All on 4 is an option for those patients that either do not want dentures or the have dentures and are feed up with them. 

Now you can get multiple single implants placed to replace missing or unrestorable teeth that need to be extracted. And this will definitely be an option for you, but the All on 4 will probably not be a good option for you. If you are desiring to have that tooth like feel in your mouth.
However, the all on 4 works really well and the results are amazing. You just need to know what you want and ensure that your doctor does as well, so he can deliver what you are desiring. 

Altamonte Springs Dentist

All-on-4 with No gums in prosthesis

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In short, yes. However, this type of prosthesis is no longer called an All-on-4. This is a full arch bridge on dental implants. This type of treatment is much more expensive.  

This is definitely still possible, however more implants are usually advised for this type of prosthesis. This is a much more difficult procedure to have done correctly. It is difficult to predict the exact shape of the gums after the implants are placed and some revisions might have to be done in the future. A

The beauty about the All-on-4 is that it has the gums built in to it so that they can be made to look natural no mater what your real gums look like underneath. 

All-on-Four with no gums.

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You could consider getting implants to replace each missing tooth, but that can become extremely expensive. If you were deciding between this option and All-on-Four, I would recommend the All-on-Four or All-on-Six. It is hard to replace the "feeling" of teeth with any of the options above using implants. But if you are even considering All-on-Four or All-on-Six, I'm assuming the teeth are no longer in the best health. So completing the All-on-Four should help improve the overall health and function of your mouth.

Dental Implants

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Thank you for your question. Regarding the situation that you are describing, there are anatomical variables that need to be considered when trying to obtain the type of goal you are looking for. Unfortunately if you have sustained a big amount of bone loss because of gum disease or missing teeth, it becomes more difficult to give you this type of therapy. Although, with today's technology we can grow both bone and soft tissue and thus get closer to the ultimate treatment goal you're seeking. These goals will require additional surgical procedures to augment the bone and soft tissue. I would recommend that you review your ideas with a periodontist. Good luck!

Alternative to All on 4

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The All on 4 restoration with a Fixed Hybrid Denture is a great option for endentulous patients. Of course since you are planning on placeing 6 implants, you also have the choice of having a 10-12 unit Zirconium Bridge. Or otherwise known as a Pretteau Bridge. The restoration will still rest on your gumline as would the fixed hybrid denture, so your vertical bone height and your smile profile do play a big part in the final outcome. 
I would recommend that you ask to see before and after pictures of previous work your doctor's lab have made so that you can have a better idea of the materials and esthetics of each restoration. 

All on 4 with no Pink

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Answer is: There is really no "technical" name for an All-on-4 with no pink, but it has been classified by several people. The first of which was Dr Carl Misch. He called classified a fixed implant bridge with no vertical bone loss as an "FP1"; the teeth are generally averaged height/width.  He classified a fixed implant bridge with minimum  vertical bone loss as an "FP2"; the tooth proportions start getting longer, but no "pink" is used. An "FP3" is a bridge that has pink, due to the vertical, and often horizontal bone loss.

If you are considering "No pink" the Acrylic (Denture tooth) version is not generally an option. You would have to consider a Zirconia or Porcelain fused to metal bridge. (Typically, more complex to plan clinically and fabricate in the laboratory)

As with all information, seek consultation in person with a dental professional,  prior to deciding on any treatment.

Ace Jovanovski, DMD
Round Rock Prosthodontist

Can the All-on-4 procedure be done without fake gums?

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 The answer to your question lies in determining the amount of vertical height that your jawbone has lost.If your jawbone has good height, then the laboratory can fabricate you're All on-4 prosthesis  without the gums.If, however, you have experience significant  in your drawer, then the length of the teeth on the prosthesis would look ridiculous unless fake gum tissue was used. 

I hope you found this information to be helpful,
Dr. Champagne 

Richard Champagne, DMD
Freehold Dentist

ALL ON 4 , without fake gum

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The right ALL ON 4, protocol, by Nobel,can be done in different heights,
and this will moderate the aesthetical layout, of the teeth,
a smile design will be the best option for you,
so you will know what would be the best option of the final work,
it can be a big  change in  shape, size and color.
You will love your knew smile.

All on four without gums

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Your bone level is what determines what type of prothesis you get.  

During my consults I show which type of teeth I envision your smile to look like.  Your bone levels and smile show me this.  Regular sized teeth, longer teeth, or teeth and gums.  Screw vs cement, and number of implants is discussed.  We talk about the teeth materials i recommend for your particular case; resin, zirconium or porcelain.  Also, their pros and cons.  The options do not change the fee.  I have many patient example pictures on my facebook, Victor Sanz DDS.

You should ask these questions to the doctors you are having consultations with.  Ask to see pictures of their work and discuss what they envision you with.  This way you know what you are getting and are happy with your end result.  Good Luck.

Victor Sanz, DDS
Chicago Dentist

All on four gumless

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The one you are looking for is commonly called full upper/lowe dental bridge. Its the same as a bridge but will be involved in it all the missing teeth without gum, but requires more implants to support it.

Usually are attached to implants as any other common bridge screw retained or cemented over abutment but it takes more appointments and its a longer procedure than having all on four dentures.

By way it needs to be evaluated with your doctor as there is no picture to know the actual status, the way the implants are being placed or angulation of them or the status of your gums/periodontal bone right now.

Jose Alonso, MD, DDS
Dominican Republic Dentist
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