Is it possible to get a BBL and Breast reduction at the same time? (photos)

I'm 35 years old and 180lbs and need a Breast reduction and want a BBL.

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BBL and breast reduction

Ideally in either surgery you wouldn't want to be lying directly on the operative site. During surgery, one of your surgical sites would be compressed for some period of time in order to do the other. In a perfect world, for optimum results, they would be done separately. That being said, many of  my patients opt to have breast surgery and BBL at the same time. I usually do the breasts first and all of the liposuction anteriorly, and then turn you onto your tummy in order to finish the liposuction and do the BBL being very careful to pad the breasts when positioning you on the operative table. I have not had any complications with this technique and patients are happy with both their breasts and buttock. Honestly, you may lose a bit more of the buttock grafts when doing things combined like this, but it hasn't seemed to make a tremendous difference in my opinion. Best of luck to you.

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Breast reduction and bbl

Technically it can be done but it does increase the risk of complications. The recovery period will also be more difficult. If you can separate them it would be best. 

Paul Wigoda MD

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Is it possible to get a BBL and a breast reduction at the same time.

Thank you for your question. Ideally, a BBL would be done as a single procedure so that a patient can comfortably stay on their abdomen to prevent any pressure on the buttocks thereby allowing for maximal fat graft take and optimal outcome. In reality, there are many patients who request a combination of BBL with tummy tuck or BBL with a breast procedure. This is fairly commonly done with very pleasing results for the patient. The major issue involves the patient finding a comfortable position on either side to prevent putting pressure on the buttocks and the breasts. Therefore the decision to do both together is usually a personal decision for the patient that should be made after a careful discussion with your board certified plastic surgeon. 

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Breast Reduction and BBL

Excellent question!

Yes you can have a breast reduction and a BBL together. I would recommend a high normal hemaglobin and hematocrit due to a larger amount of blood loss with the combination.   And many states have placed limits on the amount of Lipo that can be performed with the breast reduction in the same session due to the complication and the need for blood transfusion after the combo surgery.

In my state of Florida, there is a medical board restriction placed on an excision (breast reduction) surgery with liposuction (BBL) of only allowing 1 liter of fat grafts to be removed.  This may limit the amount of buttock volume you are looking for with your BBL.

I wish you well on your surgical journey and a smooth recovery.

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BBL and Breast reduction

Although technically these procedures can be done at the same time, the challenge is the postoperative position.  It would be very difficult to keep yourself comfortable, and also avoid pressure over buttocks and breast.  

I would recommend you to have these procedures separately.  At least 3 months apart.  


Alex Kim, MD

Alex Kim, MD
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