Will Losing Weight Make Juvederm Metabolized Faster?

I'm getting Juvederm for my tear trough area and along my cheekbones. I also have 10 pounds I'd like to lose. Will dieting and exercise after getting fillers cause them to get metabolized and leave the body faster than if I were to just maintain my weight? I want the Juvederm to last as long as it possibly can. I've been told it should last a year or even more, especially for someone my age and skin type (I'm 25). I'm just wondering if fillers get metabolized the same way fat does when on a weight loss program.

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Juvederm; Will Losing Weight Cause the Juvederm to be Metabolized Faster

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Hi Miss 24,

Losing weight will not metabolize your Juvederm faster.

When you lose weight, you lose volume in your face. You may need more Juvederm to replace the volume that you lost. As you know, when we are a little over weight, our faces look fuller and more youthful.

Good luck with your diet and be well.

Dr. P

Encino Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Juvederm won't be affected

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Your Juvederm won't be affected by losing weight, however you may find that your results will look different as fat deposits grow smaller.  

Weight Loss & Fillers

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I advise completing your weight loss, and once your weight is stable, then the appropriate amount of filler and depth of injection can be judged. Fillers like Juvederm do not break down any faster if you exercise or diet, and generally they will last around 1 year duration in the cheek bones and tear trough. 

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologic Surgeon

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