Bell’s Palsy & Laser?

I am 34 year old and I have I Had Bell's Palsy around 15 years ago and now i become fine almost 90% , now I want to laser my skin for Co2 Fractional in order to prevent aging of my skin. So I would like to know that is laser safe for me because of bell’s palsy history? And from what age you advise laser to women? Is this laser good for preventing aging of skin?

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Bell's palsy and lasers

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There are no indications that patients who have had Bell's Palsy cannot have laser treatments, but it's really unknown what exactly triggers a Bell's episode. I have several patients who receive various laser treatments and have or have had Bell's Palsy in the past. All are fine with the treatments. Laser treatments depend on what type of skin damage you have, so your best bet will be to consult physicians in your area about what lasers will be best for your specific needs. There are many, many lasers on the market, so choose a reputable physician's office and go from there.

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