I Had Fractional CO2 3 Days Ago. When Will the Waffle Iron Grid Go Away?

I've been moisturizing as directed. My face feels fairly tight. It's a little scary.

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Fractional Co2 Recovery

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The "waffle iron" look from fractonal lasers usually subsides in 4-7 days post treatment. However, there are alot of factors that impact the recovery time of these lasers. The first is the relative density of the laser holes put into the skin, and the depth of treatment. Density refers to the surface area of the face covered with the "dots", and depth is tied to the energy setting with each fire of the laser. To this end, the higher the density and the higher the energy setting, the longer you will see the gird patern on your face.


The second issue is the relative pattern of the laser scanner. Some lasers put the dots down in a "corn row" linear pattern. These patterns are easily seen and noticed by the naked eye. Other devices use randomizers to put the dots in random patterns in each square, making it more dificult for the eye to pick up a pattern. To this end, devices with the randomization patterns tend to "waffle iron grid" less than devices that don't have this feature.


Finally, the laser repair care pattern can impact the recovery time significantly. Generally speaking, proper cleaning of the skin with application of topicals like vaselin or aquafor ae important to speeding recovery. Improper skin care is the most common reason for prolonged recovery. Good luck!!

Phoenix Facial Plastic Surgeon

"Freaky face" usually gone in about 4-5 days after fractional C02

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We usually show a series of pics which illustrate the progress each day in a previous patient (myself in this case).

That way people know what to expect. Its mainly a social downtime with little to any pain.

Christopher J. Peers, MD
South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

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