Is Getting A Tattoo Removed With The Picosure Laser More Painful Than Using The Q-Switch Laser?

I have a small hip tattoo that I want to get rid of, but am nervous about the pain of the tattoo removal process. I've heard that the Picosure laser is getting much better results than the traditional Q-Switch laser, but was wondering if the faster pulses make it a more painful treatment?

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Picosure Is Less Painful

No. In fact Picosure  laser is much more tolerable as the sensation is comparable to a small rubber band snapping against the skin. Many people shared their experience as 'It's bearable. Like a rubber band flicking your skin. Pain is temporary, but the removal of an unwanted tattoo is permanent', said the majority.

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Picosure not more painful than Q-switched laser

We have both the Picosure and Q-switched laser (which we use for red ink).  Our patients report about the same amount of pain.  During the treatment, we use a Zimmer air cooler that blows very cold air on the skin during your treatment which helps diminish your pain.  Afterward, we apply ice packs and our patients tolerate the treatments quite well.  Since your tattoo is small, the treatment will be very quick.  You should do fine!

Timothy Knight, MD
Lakeland Dermatologic Surgeon

Is Picosure Painful?

Hi Anon.  We do not own the Picosure but have talked to others that are using it.  They have not mentioned any difference in pain between traditional q-switched lasers and the Picosure.  Both are painful treatments.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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