Can Bellafil be used on the forehead and between the eyes?

Can Bellafil be used on the forehead and between the eyes?

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Bellafill for the Forehead and Between the Eyebrows

This is an interesting question as many physicians would advise against injecting these areas with any filler. This is largely because of the danger of inadvertently injecting the filler into a blood vessel and potentially causing blindness. That said, Bellafill can be injected there and some great results can be achieved with the benefit of the Bellafill building your own tissue and that result being very long lasting. I have a number of patients who have been treated with Bellafill in these areas. I have added a web reference to the before and after results on one patient.

You should be aware that there are safety concerns with any filler in this area so make sure you see someone who uses a micro-cannula to inject and who has extensive experience injecting this area. I have added a video about safety of fillers for you.

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Bellafill Injections for forehead and between the eyes

Bellafill was FDA approved for smile lines and acne scarring. Bellafill is meant for a subdermal injection not dermal. There are better ways to treat lines of the forehead. Botox works very well for this. If a filler is used my suggestion is to use one which is hyaluronic acid based such as one of the Restylane or Juvederm products. The frown  lines are also treated  best with Botox, however, even after Botox some people still have shadowing in this area. If Bellafill is used in this area my suggestion is subdermal placement and of course skin testing 4 weeks prior to the injection.

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Can Bellafil be used on the forehead and between the eyes?

Filler will not add a lot of volume to your brow or forehead if you are seeking to fill out your forehead. The forehead is a very large area .Brow lifts or forehead lifts will help to lift sagging brows, improve the look of your upper eyelids and help to smooth out a wrinkled brow or forehead with a lot of deep lines. Bella fill is not a good choice for this area. It will more than likely cause nodules there. I would recommend filler like Juvederm there.

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