Venus Viva - is it safe to do after 2 aggressive CO2 treatments for scarring?

Scarred by picking at face after a too strong TCA peel. 10 yrs later had 6 treatments of non-ablative Fraxel. Helped a little. 3 years ago I had an aggressive CO2 laser treatment and a second CO2 only on the scarred areas around my mouth and chin; helped but not enough. My doctor thinks another CO2 treatment might leave me scarred worse. Would the Venus Viva laser help or make the scars worse? I'm 50, have very pale skin/green eyes/tan easily (but haven't been in sun in 10 yrs!). Thank you!

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Venus Viva RF: Can it be done safely after previous CO2 laser treatments?

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Good Day. Thank you for your question and narrative.

Answer: Yes

Scar treatment requires an experienced physician, so the scarring does not worsen. 

I have treated many patients with either RF before or after CO2 laser treatments without complication.

Difficult scars are treated with an energy based system (Co2, Er;YAG lasers or RF) and one may add dermal needling and PRP to both improve the result and quicken the healing process. I also add the Alastin extracellular matrix modulator serum and human stem cell growth factors, such as in Regency and Stemulation serums.

Best of luck.

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Venus Viva Versus Others for Scarring

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I suggest seeing an expert I often do many co2 or erbium lasers with PRP and microneedling, subcision, punch excision, TCA cross.  I suggest seeing an expert who is a specialist in acne scarring.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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