When can I start to wear yoga pants/leggings after BBL?

I am 11 days post Brazilian Butt Lift and would like to wear some of my leggings again. Some workout pants cause a lot of compression in the buttocks so I understand that these should be avoided for a few weeks, but what about cotton leggings that are quite loose and do not compress the buttocks?

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Yoga pants/leggings

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Thanks for your question. I tell my patients to wear the compression garments for up to 4 weeks after surgery. You can probably start wearing the yoga pants/leggings after 4 weeks, but you can ask your surgeon for the proper instructions. I hope this helps!

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Dr. Newall

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Post-op BBL

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Thank you for your question! I usually tell my patients that they can wear whatever they like after 6 weeks. I have my patients wear a BBL compression garment that aids with the healing process. 

Please see your surgeon for specific post-op recommendations. If your surgeon is not board certified please seek the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in aesthetic and restorative body surgery.

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Dr Schwartz

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