Can Retin A 0.1% have more benefits for collagen than 0.05%?

I know that 0.1 is better at exfoliating than 0.05, but is it also better at making the skin thicker?

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0.1% verses 0.05%

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Retin A is available in several strengths.   I find that there more affect with the stronger (0.1%) but the frequency and length of use is more important to collagen benefits.

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Retin- A strenght

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Hey 500 c,

Do you mean 0.1% or 1 % ??? 

 0.025% cream is the lowest dose and is widely used for skin priming before chemical peels . This concentration helps in mild ex foliation and has the least side effects so its a great product to use for acclimatizing your skin to retin A.
 The  0.05% cream is used for reducing wrinkles and fine lines while the 0.1% used widely for the treatment of acne and blackheads.

For collagen remodelling you would need to use a 1 % concentration but this is not for all skin types and i believe that it should be used on the face only if it is absolutely necessary , as the side effects are obviously more severe with this concentration .

i strongly recommend a consultation with your physician before you start 1% retin A 
Good luck 

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