Rash due to gauze tape how to remove tape stickiness. (photo)

I bought what appeared to be tape to put on gauze so it would stick to my breast. After using it for 2 days I developed a rash and what appeared to be scabs formed from skin peeled off. After the scabs have healed more I've noticed the right breast is also have some residue and it is the residue from the tape that is acctually still on me breast. What can I used to get it off without scrubbing off my sensitive skin???

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Adhesive glue of surgical tape

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The adhesive glue of surgical tape can be annoying, and the best way to remove this is to use fingernail polish removal very lightly.  It will soak through the tape and make tape removal easy.

Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Rash due to gauze tape how to remove tape stickiness. (photo)

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Thank you for the question and photo. I would recommend soap and water. If this fails you can use rubbing alcohol. It is best to have it examined by your board certified plastic surgeon. Good luck.

Tape Residue

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Mineral oil also works well to dissolve glue. Try not to rub at the area excessively. Your Plastic Surgeon's office will also be able to advise you.
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Tape residue

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You can use a warm moist cloth to try to loosen it, as well as gentle soap.  If that still does not work and the skin is closed you can use a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol on it and gently swab the area.  Do not use the rubbing alcohol if the skin is not fully healed.

Camille Cash, MD
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