How do my Porcelains look? All top. 16 teeth. And it's not veneers or lumineers. It's called Venlay. Each tooth. (Photo)

How do my Porcelains look? All top. 16 teeth. And it's not veneers or lumineers. It's called Venlay. Each tooth. And non invasive.

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Venlay comments

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Your new smile looks great, but more important than what others feel is if you like their appearance, fit and function.

Congratulations and use them in good health.

James Asaf, DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist

How do my Porcelains look? It is called ven-lay it is not porcelain veneer or lumineer

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The dentist of your choice did a great job, if you are happy with your cosmetic dentistry,and especially if your bite and occlusion feels great. These days, some dentist who are great in marketing, name a procedure which has been around for some time, with a different name!  This kind of treatment has been around for quite some time among reconstructive dentist or dentists who only specialize in cosmetic dentistry.
You probably had your cosmetic dentistry done with no prep or minimal prep-veneers onlays. With the architecture of your teeth, you were a great candidate. However if the patient reveals existing crowns or veneers, which are ill fitted and decayed, moderate amount of drilling is definitely required. The material is always porcelain to restore your teeth cosmetically, and all these names are basically the family of veneers, porcelain veneers, or dental veneers. Just like lumineers which is really by definition no prep veneer. After all that, know that your dentist did a great job cosmetically, hopefully the function of your teeth are great. If you are not going to have your lower teeth done, anytime soon, I advise you to get a night guard, so you do not wear down your opposing teeth.

Venlay - What is it?

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Good Afternoon, I am a dentist in NYC and I have not heard of this Venlay procedure - can you explain the process you went through?

Frank Orlando, DDS
New York Dentist

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