What makes Orbera different from other intragastric balloon brands?

Is it the coaching program?

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Difference between Orbera and Reshape Gastric Balloon

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There are two balloons currently FDA approved in the USA. The Orbera is a single ballon that holds around 600 cc and the Reshape is a dual balloon that holds 900 cc - 450cc each. The Reshape offers a comprehensive patient portal to track exercise and calories and give you a free Fitbit and Fitbit scale. Orbera has nothing like this to offer. They both stay in for 6 months and are part of a comprehensive 12 month coaching program including nutrition and exercise.

Difference betrween

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Orbera is a single balloon, Reshape is a double balloon. I attended a medical conference where the various methods of nonsurgical weight loss were discussed. The Orbera system had been performed and studied in Europe for over 20 years, so it had the best track record. The ReShape balloon had a few more complications than Orbera and the amount of weight lost was not significantly different than Orbera even though ReShape had 2 balloons. The Obalon system is a 3 balloon system that was just FDA approved, With Obalon, the patient swallows the 3 balloons which are in a capsule and have to be inflated by the doctor (no anesthesia). After 6 months the three balloons have to be removed endoscopically (with anesthesia). Since this just came out, I have to look at the studies regarding the results and potential complications of this very new system.

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Darrien Gaston, MD, FACP, FACG
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What makes Orbera balloon different from other balloons

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Of the currently available gastric balloons for weight loss, only 2 are approved in the United States: Orbera and Reshape; the Orbera is a single balloon whereas the Reshape balloon includes 2 balloons. The balloons differ in their manufacturing, the amount of fluid placed in the balloons, and the program they are associated with. Outcomes differ between the two, including post-procedure symptoms, management and potential complications. Orbera has a longer track record and studies documenting outcomes and safety. I hope this answered your question

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