Can a person keep their Orbera balloon longer than six months?

What if they haven't lost enough weight by six months?

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Can you keep the Orbera gastric balloon longer than 6 months

No. You can not keep the balloon in longer than 6 months. The ballon has only been studied for 6 months. The danger of leaving it longer is that it can lose its fluid and then migrate into your intestines and cause an obstruction requiring emergency surgery or even death. It is very safe during the 6 month period.

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Can you keep the Orbera gastric balloon longer than 6 months

You should not keep the balloon longer than 6 months. That is the studied period and the approved duration. The balloon is removed after 6 months to avoid potential complications.

Does the Orbera Balloon have to come out after 6 months?

The Orbera Balloon is only approved to remain in place for 6 months and then it has to be removed.   if you leave it in place beyond the prescribed 6 months there is an increased likelihood that complications can occur.  The balloon is designed to retrain your brain into what constitutes an appropriate portion size.  Coupled with the lessons learned from the monthly nutrition counseling during the time the band was in place and a ongoing commitment to regular exercise, weight loss can continue even after the balloon is taken out of your stomach.  Some patients find they are unable to continue losing weight after their balloon is removed and a couple months later pay to have another balloon inserted (the old one can not be reused).  That's what makes this intervention less permanent that the other weight loss surgeries like lap band or sleeve gastrectomy. 

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