I had my second round of Sculptra 8 weeks ago and I'm horrified by the results. I need some advice.

I've been back to my Practitioner and he said there's nothing he can do. He injected too far down, and I have no contours to my face now whatsoever - it's just a bloated blob. Some days the Sculptra doesn't look so bad, yet other days it looks terrible and like my face is deformed. I avoid salty foods/alcohol but this makes no difference and I'm wondering what else I could do to beat the days where the Sculptra bloats and looks worse than usual? I've ruined my face and feel so depressed.

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Sculptra and Other Fillers for Facial Sculpting

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I do some of the most sculptra in los angeles and haven't seen these types of results from a small amount of sculptra. I suggest a formal consultation and bring your before and after photos, so that it can be decided if other fillers, more sculptra placed differently, or skin tightening/laser treatments can be beneficial.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Lower face heaviness after Sculptra

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I sounds like the filler, not the filler (Sculptra) is the reason for the bad outcome. You can try lifting procedures such as Infini or even PDO threads to help the problem. I wouldn't count on the Sculptra changing much for at least 3 years. I would get another opinion and try to reshape the face to a heart shape with fillers and tightening devices.

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Dear CitySphinx:

It is hard for me to imagine how this could happen with just two Sculptra treatments, or how it could have anything to do with injecting Sculptra deeply. With many years of experience with Sculptra, I have never seen what you describe.

Perhaps you had much more than two vials per treatment? I recommend that patients have only one to two vials per treatment with three consecutive treatments a month or more apart, then wait for 6 months before deciding whether to have more.

The effect you describe should resolve with time. I wonder if Pellevé could be helpful in reducing the bloating. Applying cold compresses, eating pineapple and taking Arnica with bromelain might be useful as well.

Keep me posted.

Dr. Clark

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