I am experiencing serious bloating 2 months after liposuction. What do I do? (Photo)

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Bloating After Liposuction

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I suggest speaking to your surgeon.  Often swelling and change in hormones are common after surgery and it may be best for you to get on some diuretics and see a hormonoal doctor at this time to optimize the results.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Swelling after liposuction

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Swelling is best managed by strict adherence to a low salt diet.   Also avoiding excessive activity early in recovery helps.   Remember swelling talks time to subside just as healing takes time.    Healing takes 6 to 12 months to mature.  My Best,  Dr Commons

Bloating 2 months after liposuction

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 I am sorry you are bloated.
The photo suggests that your abdomen itself is bloated, not the surgical area.
Bloating can be from hormones, IBS, colitis and constipation, among other things.
You can have your surgeon check you to be sure there is no seroma (collection of fluid) but it would not appear suddenly 2 months after surgery.
Have your PCP check you as well to determine what is causing this so you can be treated. 

Bloating two months after liposuction.

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If you are referring to intra-abdominal fullness two months after liposuction I doubt the related. Shortly after liposuction bowel motility may decrease if narcotics are used for pain. This can create a sensation of abdominal fullness.

Bloating after lipo

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Follow up with your surgeon. You want to make sure the bloating is not caused by fluid collection underneath the skin.

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