Does Fractora melt fillers?

I am scheduled to have my first Fractora treatment. I do have fillers that were injected about six months ago. Do I have to worry about those melting and looking worse post Fractora treatment?

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Does Fractora melt fillers? it could affect fillers #fractora #fractoraRF

Fractora could potentially affect ("melt partially") fillers. This could happen if the fillers are placed close to the skin where fractora will be administered, If the fillers were injected deep in the tissues (eg, Voluma is usually injected deep just above the bone) it very unlikely will affect the fillers. 

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Fractora potential to melt fillers

Fractora, and any other heat-based treatment, has the potential to affect fillers. The location and depth of the fillers, as well as the type of filler material, will dictate how much potential exists.

It's not always possible to preplan a decision, but when possible, it's best to undertake any laser or RF treatment before fillers. 

At 6 months you may not notice much loss of filler. Touch up filler after the Fractora recovery is always an option.

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