How to correct volume loss from RF?

I recently had Fractora RF 4 months ago and at about 3 months in am experiencing facial atrophy, thinness of skin and indentations. I recently tried an HA filler, Juvederm, that plumped me up a little bit but not to where I was before. What are my best options to address the volume loss?

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Volume loss from Fractora

Hello.  This is a very unusual complaint as one should expect to build collagen volume from this treatment and not lose volume.

These are the steps that I recommend:

1. Follow-up with your provider and they should evaluate you in person, take photographs and communicate this information to the company so that the treatment parameters can be evaluated.

2. Evaluate your general health.  Have you had general weight loss or just noting a change in your facial skin?

3.  Did you have a filler in place prior to the procedure?  Deep fillers placed on the bone should be protected from the heat and should not resolve with the Fractora treatments.  Superficial fillers could dissolve and this could explain some of your volume loss.

Good luck.

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