Can I get Fractora radio frequency needling over Bellafill filler?

I have had 2 bellafill injections in my cheeks. I would like to get fractora radio frequency needling over the bellafill. I am considering doing numerous treatments at the highest setting for severe rolling acne scars.

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Can I get Fractora radio frequency needling over Bellafill filler? = possibly #fractora #fractorarf #fractoraskintightening

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Fractora treatment shock be reformed at least 2 weeks after injectable fillers application (usually hyaluronic acid treatment). However, since bellafill is a filler injected in the skin to treat acne scars, it is possible that is could be affected by fractora treatment. Up to date there is no studies evaluating the safety of fractora treatment on patient previously treated with fractora.

In my practice, bellafill treated patients that would like to undergo a fractora treatment may receive a fractora spot test treatment to determine if fully candidates.

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Can Fractora radio frequency needling be used over Bellafill?

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In my opinion, it would be fine to have Fractora radio frequency needling performed over an area previously treated with Bellafill.  The heat from the Fractora will not get hot enough to affect the Bellafill.  I might recommend different timings for the treatments, depending on what the Bellafill was used for.  If the Bellafill was used to add general volume to the cheeks, it normally would be placed fairly deep and below the area where the Fractora would reach.  In this case, I think the Fractora could be done anytime after the Bellafill.  If the Bellafill was place more superficially for acne scars, I would recommend waiting 1-2 months after the Bellafill before having the Fractora done.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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