Will chin and cheek fillers help my chubby face?

I have a slight double chin and chubby cheeks. Would chin and cheek fillers help with that? If not what will?

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A slender, Balanced Face with Dermal Dillers

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Hey brownprincess,

Thanks for your question!

I wish I had a photo reference of your face to better tailor my advice. However, going off of the details you provided, the non-surgical cheekbone augmentation may be exactly what you need. We can address your concerns by building up the cheekbone area with dermal filler, which in-turn de-emphasizes your chubby cheeks.

You already guessed the second method for making the face look thinner…elongating the chin with fillers. Typically, adding extra definition to your jawline and chin will make the rest of your face appear more slender and balanced.

At my practice, I use Juvederm Voluma for both non-surgical cheekbone and chin augmentation.  It is the longest lasting filler (up to 24 months) and its effects are completely reversible. The degree of control non-surgical procedures give my patients over their results is why I find them to be the most effective and efficient.

Hope this helps. Good luck with your research!

Chubby cheeks and double chin

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A complete examination is required to give you an accurate  recommendation. In general, chubby cheeks can be made more slender by removing a portion of the fat pad in the cheek. This is called  buccal fat pad removal and is accomplished through a small incision inside the cheek. Similarly, the double chin have can be improved with submental liposuction or possibly the fat can be dissolved with Kybella. Best of luck.

Your face

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it would really help if you could post some pictures! unfortunately its difficult to give you advice on this without seeing your face.

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