Is the dent or dimple in the center of my forehead fixable? (Photos)

I've had a round dent in my forehead for as long as I can recall. I don't see it in pictures of when I was really young like, under the age of 10 so I'm not sure if it's always been there. It's extremely visible from side views, straight on and especially in pictures. It causes me extremely low self confidence because I'm always worried people look at me and wonder what's wrong with my head. I don't want to spend tons of money but I feel horrid. Pics don't do it justice.

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Fillers for Dent in Forehead

This could likely be significantly improved by using fillers to fill in the defect and lift the skin.    The forehead is a more advanced area to inject.  Make sure to see a filler expert.  We are located in Lone Tree and would be happy to assist you.


Dr. Ort

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