Can I change the shape of my Asian eyes ? I look Asian, though I'm not (Photo)

Everyone tells me my eyes look asian but I'm not asian and I don't wanna look like Asian people. In pictures my eyes look asian, I m not bothered by their size but what's really bothering me is their shape and the space between them. I think I already have a double eylide so that's not my problem, what I really want is to not look asian at all. Is there any way to change their shape and narrow the space between them ? What should I change in my face in order to change this asian feature ?

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Your eyes in no way look Asian. You have an almond shaped eyes, and that is beautiful. You have low self esteem and need to work on self confidence and not do surgery to change you just because someone tells you otherwise. Do not change any thing

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Extra upper eyelid skin

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Thank you for the question. Asian eyelids tend to have less of a crease than Caucasian eyelids. You have a little extra skin on the upper lids which gives the Asian appearance. A conservative blepharoplasty would remove the extra skin. You should see an oculoplastic surgeon who has a lot of experience with all forms of eyelid surgery to correct the problem if it bothers you. It is most important to choose a surgeon who will be conservative and give you a natural appearance. Good luck.

Your crease size needs to be enlarged

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Asian creases tend to be smaller than non-Asians. I would recommended enlarging the crease and removing some of the overhang of skin in order to have more of your "platform" show. In some cases, a browlift needs to be done at the same time to prevent the brow from dropping down and covering up the crease even after surgery.

Charles S. Lee, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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