Botox Around Eyes and Dilation of Blood Vessels?

i had botox done around my eyes and then stupidly went into an infrared sauna 2 days afterwards. It completely dilated some major blood vessels under my eyes and they've never returned back to normal. I'm so upset about this because this was done 6 months ago and i'm afraid i'll never be "smooth" under my eyes again...please what can i do????

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Botox and prominent veins

Botox relaxes the muscles. The veins are usually below the muscles. As the muscle does not have any tone, the veins can get engorged and become visible. Unfortuantely it is an unwanted side effect of Botox that is hard to avoid.

You might have to choose between wrinkles or veins.


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Botox around eyes and dilation of blood vessels

Botox treatments around the eyes, or anywhere else for that matter, would not cause dilation of the blood vessels.  It is possible for Botox treatments, or any other injection around the eyes, to cause bruising though.  Going into a sauna would cause dilation of blood vessels, but this would normally be temporary and return to normal once returning to normal conditions.  I'm not sure what has caused your long-standing issue with dilation of blood vessels under your eyes, but it's not due to the Botox.  

Michael I. Echavez, MD
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Dilation of blood vessels not related to Botox

It is highly unlikely that the dilation of your vessels is related to the Botox injections. It could be related to other underlying conditions or other systemic issues and suggest that you speak to your primary care physician.

Daniel Townsend, MD
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Botox and blood vessels

Botox doesn't cause dilation of blood vessels and doesn't typically last six months. You might want to consider other reasons this may have occurred and visit with your primary care physician.

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Botox and blood vessels

The most common side effect of Botox around the eyes is some temporary bruising.  The effect you are describing is not commonly seen.  However, Botox is now being used to help improve blood flow such as to the fingers in patients with poor circulation.  It is thought that Botox acts on the smooth muscle of vessels to cause dilation.  Now, usually there is not much smooth muscle in veins, but this may be the cause of your vein dilation that you have seen.  It is difficult to know if this will be temporary since it is not a well-known event.

Naveen Setty, MD
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Botox around the eyes

I have never seen the effect you describe, nor have I seen it reported in the scientific medical literature. Anything is possible, however, but as the effects of Botox last 4 (6 months tops), it would be highly unusual to see any lasting effects past 6 months.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Veins More Visible after Botox

   Botox paralysis of muscles lengthen the muscles and reduce mass over time.  Botox is used by some to improve vascular supply in Raynaud's, and Botox can act as a smooth muscle relaxant in the walls of vessels.  You may notice an increase in size of superficial vessels, but the effect should be self-limiting.

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Botox and dilated vessels

Botox relaxes the injected muscles and this may weaken their support. This is possibly why you appreciate your vessels.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Botox Caused Veins?

Hi 8606.  The Botox injections are not related to the veins, unless what you are seeing is bruising.  Botox can cause bruising, but it will not lead to permanent dilation of your blood vessels.  

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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