How long should you wait before you take Phentermine/workout supplements after you've had a Tummy Tuck and MR done?

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Supplements in take.

After having a surgery of this type the body need to repair the damage cause by the surgery it self and you will  need nutrients, and diet supplements as vitamins, aminoacids, proteins and other elements; the repair of the damage will take between 3-6 months but the complete recuperation of the tissues will take upto 18 months; the in take of this medication is not advisable because it  will slow down your full  recuperation and can take more time ! I strongly  recommend you avoid this supplements for now.

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Taking phentermine/workout supplements after tummy tuck

It is always best to consult your surgeon for his or her recommendations. It is also best to continue weight loss using a healthy balanced diet and exercise as all medications and supplements can have undesirable side effects. Your body needs energy and good nutrition to heal its post surgical wounds, therefore, it is unwise to severely restrict your caloric intake, limit the variety of your diet or take diet pills/weight loss supplements in the postoperative period. Give your body at least 4 weeks to heal and recover before actively continuing any weight loss program.

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How long should you wait before you take Phentermine/workout supplements after you've had a Tummy Tuck and MR done?

Thank you for your question.  I would wait at least 8-12 weeks before starting a weight loss supplement.   Ask your surgeon for his or her recommendations when to restart.  

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When can I resume supplements after surgery?

Give you body time to heal after surgery - you will need healthy calories to allow your body to recover.  I would not recommend going back on any diet pills or any nutrition restriction until at least 1-2 months following surgery.  A multivitamin and some supplements are ok to start earlier, but I would talk to your surgeon about specifics since many can make you more prone to bleeding. 

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