How Long to Wait After Restylane B Q Before Fotona 1064 Laser Treatment?

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Laser post injections

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Most laser companies say you can use a  laser immediately  or soon  after filler injections. I prefer to wait at least 4 weeks after injections . At that time you know that the fillers have integrated into the tissues so there is little concern about heating ups the filler  with the laser treatments.

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How Long

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Thank you for your question , the most difficult answer to drag out of reps from the makers of fillers , is timing related to surgery, because the answer is not good for business. Surgery, including resurfacing, turns on the enzymes and devour Restylane and Juvaderm , so injections done before, during, or right after surgery may speed up the loss of the filler. Therefore, unless you have money to burn, wait about four months after surgery before getting the filler. In your case, waiting until you are nearly ready for new filler would be the time to get your laser treatment and then wait about four months for more. Of course the tightening from the laser treatment may obviate the need for as much filler.

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