How Long Should I Wait After Radiesse Injection to Have a Mini Face Lift? 6 Months?

I have had Radiess injected into my nasolabial folds every 8 months for the past 2 and one-half years. I no longer like the way it looks and plan on having a mini face lift soon. Thank you.

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Timing of a Minilift after Radiesse injections

You can proceed at anytime with the minilift. Radieese is a sub-dermal filler and a minilift is a surgical tightening of the superficial muscle layer deep to where the injections are placed. You still may consider occasional injectable fillers after a lift but see how well you do with the surgical result. I usually ask patients to wait about 6 months after the surgery before considering fillers.

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Mini facelifts do not normally improve or affect the nasolabial areas much at all.

Mini facelifts can be done anytime no matter what you have injected into the nasolabial areas since they are usually unrelated.  Most times you will need a filler in the nasolabial grooves to enhance the facial appearance after a facelift.  Mini facelifts run roughly $8500 and can be done under local tumescent anesthesia nicely.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Timing for minilift after injections with fillers

Fillers like Radiesse and Juvederm do a great job filling in deep facial folds and restoring facial volume, but do not tighten the loose skin.  Therefore, you can have the minilift at any time.  If fillers have been used to restore volume to the cheek and mid-face areas, it would be good to let some of the filler resorb so your plastic surgeon can make a proper correction at surgery to restore mid-face volume, whether by lifting the deep tissues, fat injections, or both.

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
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Timing of Surgical Facelifting after Radiesse Injections

In general, Radiesse injections are a volumizing procedure, and facelifting is a tightening of loose muscle and skin. In my opinion, a skilled facelift surgeon could perform a facelift very well regardless of how "old" your Radiesse is.

Laxmeesh Mike Nayak, MD
Saint Louis Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mini facelift after Radiesse

If you plan to have the facelift performed by the doctor who injected the Radiesse, then he will know the contours of your face and be able to adjust for whatever rejuvenation is temporary and resulting from the Radiesse. If not, it is important to tell your plastic surgeon that you've had a filler treatment. Having Radiesse would not result in a delay in the facelift surgery.

Robert L. Kraft, MD, FACS
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers in the nasolabial folds is a camouflage technique most of the time

I would consider global volumizing and the YoungVolumizer is a great option. This is a unique approach to making the person look younger in a natural way.  We have informative videos and information on our website and a link is included to help you find us.

Philip Young, MD
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Mini facelift after Radiesse injections

You can go ahead with the mini facelift anytime from this point forward. However, it is important that you discuss your Radiesse injections with your plastic surgeon during your consultation.

Babak Azizzadeh, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Fillers and Facelift

First of all it is fine have the mini-lift with Radiesse and you do not have to wait.

However, in the early days of fillers when we injected we targeted wrinkles such as the Nasolabial fold with little attention to the rest of the face.  Now the approach to fillers is much more global.  If your injector hasn't changed with the times then you may still be able to be happy with fillers just injected differently.

With that being said, a mini-lift with fat grafting is a beautiful, soft and longer lasting combination.  I would find someone who does both well and consider their evaluation.  Good luck!

Hannah Vargas, MD
Kansas City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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A "mini-lift" is fine after Radiesse

A mini-lift procedure should not be affected by your past radiesse injections. Many surgeons like myself use a fat transfer technique often in conjunction with the mini-lift so it is important to inform your surgeon of your past date of injection. If the nasolabial folds are one of the areas you are seeking to improve with the mini-lift then I suggest making sure the surgeon does a SMAS tightening procedure for optimal results. Best regards!

Michael Elam, MD
Orange County Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Mini lift after radiesse

Radiesse injections into the nasolabial folds should not affect your decision to go ahead with a mini face lift.  The surgical procedure does not involve dissection in the region of the Radiesse injection.  Make sure to let your surgeon know that you have had Radiesse.  Many surgeons perform fat grafting to the nasolabial fold and cheeks as part of a mini lift to augment the outcome.  The presence of a filler in the may give the surgeon a false impression of the status of the fold.  Good luck with your surgery.

Joseph N. Togba, MD
Oakland Plastic Surgeon
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