How Long Will Unreconstituted Botox Last with a Fridge Breakdown?

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of course when a refrigerator breaks down, the temperature only slowly returns to room if the door is closed that can take a long time...the only official information on storage of unreconstituted botox is from Allergan...stability studies show the product will be fully effective for 5 days at 86 degrees Fahrenheit...hope this is helpful

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Botox vials are kept in a freezer until mixed and then kept in a refrigerator

As the company received FDA approval for the Botox to be stored as per its insert, there is no data provided to physicians as to how long the Botox powder can remain safe and effective should the power to the refrigerator be cut off.

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Unreconstituted Botox Last with a Fridge Breakdown

With a fridge breakdown of a prolonged nature, then it is not worthwhile to risk using it. Contact the Allergan representative to determine any possibilities of replacing the vial.

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Up to 36 months, possibly longer.

BOTOX cosmetic is FDA approved for long term storage in a refrigerator (2 to 8 degrees C) when unreconstituted.  As a practical matter, this is a period of time that generally exceeds the actual expiration date on the vial.  This means that while it is possible the unreconstituted BOTOX could be stored in a refrigerator for this long, it should never be used clincally if it is past its expiration date.  I my office, we only hold a 6 week supply of product because of storage considerations.  Once reconstituted, Allergan recommend that the product be used within 4 hours.

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