Long-term Effects of Coolsculpting?

I'm seriously considering getting Coolsculpting done on my love handles and stomach. I've read up on it, but can someone explain to me why it only damages the fat cells and nothing else? And also, does it ever come out "lumpy?" I'm worried about long-term side effects. Also, are the results more dramatic or thinner people or those with more weight to remove? Thanks :)

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Long Term Effects of CoolSculpting?

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To date there are no long term negative effects of CoolSculpting.The reason it only damages fat cells is that fat cells will freeze at higher temperature than other tissues. The reason the other tissues such as skin, nerves and blood vessels are not frozen at these same temperatures are that they are water based.   The device carefully controls the cooling process so that the temperatures achieved are such that the only the fat will freeze but are above the freezing point of other tissues inside the applicator. Regarding your second question, CoolSculpting gives a very NATURAL looking reduction without issues of lumpiness nor hanging excess skin. Finally, the ideal patient is the one who is close to their ideal weight with moderate to small bulges.  However, that is not to say that the procedure does not work in larger individuals.  As with all procedures proper expectations are critical.  I have treated individuals who are less than ideal and they have been extemely gratified by their results.  One does have to ensure that they understand that complete elimination of their bulge will not happen and if desired multiple procedures can be performed for additional fat reduction.  Having accepted this, they are more than thrilled to produce undeniable results with one treatment that does not require any surgery, needles, anesthesia nor downtime!  

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon

Slight depression in the tissue with Coolsculpting

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Coolsculpting does not typically leave lumpy areas although that is why massage is important after the procedure.

There can be a small shallow indentation where the device was applied, and for that reason when the device is applied it should be placed where this would be to the patients/ advantage.  Meaning a slight indentation would improve the overall results.

Coolsculpting targets fat cells.

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As many have said, Coolsculpting really targets fat cells, there is no other tissue damage from this treatment. The results are very consistent, and if applied correctly for each patient the results should be very smooth. I have not seen any patients with any lumpiness. For best results 2 sessions are usually recommended and people who are in "good shape", and are candidates for Coolsculpting will have the most impressive results.
- Dr. P.

Kaleroy Papantoniou, MD, FAAD
Great Neck Dermatologic Surgeon
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Long-term Effects of CoolSculpting

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If you maintain a healthy diet and get regular exercise you can expect the results of CoolSculpting to last you a lifetime.  The fat cells are permanently killed with the patented controlled cooling CoolSculpting treatments for long lasting results. If the applicators are applied correctly and messaging to the area is administered the results should not come out lumpy, the results are very consistent. Thinner patients with bulges usually have great results in 1 to 2 treatment to the same area.  Patients that require more fat to be removed should consider something that removes more fat.  We would recommend  VASERlipo®, where we remove more fat in 1 treatment. 

Daniel Taheri, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting is best when performed on an area that has an excess number of fat cells.  For example, women say, "When I gain weight, it goes straight to my belly."  That means that you were born with more fat cells in your abdominal area.  It would be great to perform coolsculpting in that area to reduce the number of fat cells there and make that are more proportional with the rest of your body.  Then, if you gain weight, it will be more evenly distributed over your body.  It won't just "go straight" to one area.

We have our patients wait 2 months before re-treating the same area.  This allows enough time for the cells to be
cleared out.  Because we have so much experience with Coolsculpting, we can tell you before we treat how many times you can expect to have the treatment performed.  The fat loss is permanent after Coolsculpting.  You typically lose 20-25% of the fat in the area treated, each time you treat it.  I have done it to myself and my staff.  It is truly effective and has no down time

All the best,

Sheila Nazarian

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Coolsculpting affects only the Fat, not the Skin

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The reason that it does not affect the skin, is that fat cells are much more susceptible to cold than the skin. The Coolsculpting technology applies just enough cool to affect the fat, but not enough to affect the skin. Typically, the fat loss is smooth in the area treated. The only way that you may get uneven loss or what appears to be lumps is by improper placement. The key is to look for a Certified Coolscupting practice. This ensures that you have technicians that have been properly trained in the technique.

The freezing temperature of a fat cell is why coolsculpt only affects fat cells.

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The freezing temperature of a fat cell is why coolsculpt only affects fat cells. The gel pad placed prior to the handpiece application protects the skin from freezing.  I have not personally seen irregularity after treatment. And I have done many ! Liposuction and some laser Lipo methods can result In irregularity and in skin laxity over time. Coolsculpt does not do this when applied correctly and with an aesthetic eye. The results are more dramatic for localized fat. The patients who are best candidates are not badly overweight. So all body types can have nice responses and the drama depends upon the localization of the fat .

Coolsculpting Not Damaging To the Body

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It makes you wonder how does Coolsculpting just target fat and nothing else, right? That is what makes Coolsculpting such a great treatment.  The scientists who created CoolSculpting learned that the fat that does not respond to diet and exercise does not like a cold environment; it prefers the Bahamas vs Iceland. It was then tested that this fat has a different freezing point temperature. As such, it can be frozen at a lower temperature to freeze and kill it off while meanwhile bypassing the skin, nerves, muscles, organs, etc. This is why only fat is targeted. 

Many are concerned about "lumps" from the Coolsculpting treatment. This can be possible when two things happen. One, where a fat bulge is not fully targeted, leaving an area treated and the adjacent area not targeted, leaving the appearance of a lump.  Or, when a "best case scenario" is experienced and such a sort of "dent" is experienced. This typically happens when a true "bulge" was not targeted. 

This is why a consultation is always required so that one may assess which areas are best to treat, and which are best to refrain from.  

Edward Stokes, MD
West Hollywood Physician
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Long term effects of CoolSculpting

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CoolSculpting protects the skin on the surface with the gel pad so that only your fat cells are destroyed with the controlled freezing under the skin. The long term results are permanent fat reduction. We've never seen any lumpiness in over 2000 treatments given. One of the most important considerations is which hand piece to use and where it is applied for best body contouring results. Thinner patients with a bulge here and there will have great results in probably 1 treatment vs someone with more fat may need 2 treatments to the same area. For some patients with more fat to be removed we would recommend SmartLipo, where we remove more fat in 1 treatments.


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Coolsculpting is a safe procedure that results in a 20-25% reduction in fat with each treatment.  The way it works is that due to differences in water content fat freezes at a different temperature than skin and this device will regulate temperature during the treatment to selectively freeze fat and not skin or blood vessels.  After effect can very rarely include paradoxical hyperplasia and unevenness.  The best way to optimize your treatment is to treat with someone who has a lot of experience.  Good luck with your treatment.

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