How Long It Takes for the Muscle Incisions to Heal?

I had surgery on aug 23. I was a cup, I am 5.4 tall, 115pounds befor BA 118 after, I had nattrelle 15/339 moderate profile, under muscle. Love the outcome , my exterior incisions heal nice but I can feel under the skin bumpy on the muscle reatachemnt. Like Lke how it was stitched every few milimiters a little bump. Wrinkly. Is it normal? Will it heal as smooth?

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Muscle incisions during breast augmentation

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There really is not an incision in the muscle that is sutured during augmentation. The muscle is lifted from the rib cage, and separated or released from the breast bone, and the implant is then placed underneath the muscle. There are no sutures in the area where the muscle is separated. Most likely what you are feeling are sutures that are placed under the skin to close the incision in layers. These typically dissolve over 2-3 months and the bumps go away. You should discuss this with your surgeon if this persists. Good luck.

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Post-op feelings in breasts

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Iregualrities that you may be feeling could be stitiches or scar tissue. You should probably give it a few months to heal.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Bumps after breast augmentation

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I agree with the other posts that you should not be feeling a muscle that was sutured down.  While the bottom part of the muscle is typically lifted it is very uncommon to suture it.  Its possible you are feeling the deeper sutures under your incision.  I would check with your plastic surgeon.  Overall it sounds like you are doing great.  Cheers. Dr K

Muscle incisions during breast augmentation

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There really is not an incision which is repaired in the muscle during augmentation The muscle is lifted from the edge, and separated or 'incised' from the breast bone in the middle of the chest  so that the implant slides underneath. We don't suture the area, just make sure the pocket is smooth and the correct size and position. Ask your surgeon about the 'bumps'.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Incision healing after breast augmentation

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Suturing the muscle back down after a breast augmentation is not a common procedure after a first time breast augmentation.  You may be feeling the sutures under the skin incision.  Depending on the type of sutures used, those may take 6 weeks to 3 months to dissolve.  Talk to your board-certified plastic surgeon about any questions you may have.

Naveen Setty, MD
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Without seeing you it is not possible to know what you are describing. The stitches dissolve within a 3 month period. Check back with you PS.

How Long It Takes for the Incisions to Heal?

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I believe you are talking about the skin incision, as it would be unusual to suture the muscle. It is the rule that the skin incision may look and feel irregular. You can often fell the sutures through the skin. 

Those will dissolve, and the irregularities almost always smooth out.

Thanks for your question, best wishes.

Jourdan Gottlieb, MD
Seattle Plastic Surgeon

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