How Long Would my Breasts Stay Perky After a Breast Lift with Mommy Makeover? (photo)

I had an inverted-T breast lift with saline implants with my tummy tuck- Mommy Makeover. It has been about 7 months now, and I am happy with my results. I am worried how long will my breasts will stay perky after my breast lift. I wear my bra all the time.

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Longevity of result after mommy makeover

Congratulations on your result after mommy makeover surgery.  Generally the improved breast and abdominal shape will last for years, and it sounds like you are making sure to provide adequate support of your breasts.

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What to Expect Following Mommy Makeover Surgery

         This is a commonly asked question in out practice and it’s hard to answer because of the large number of variables that are present. It’s safe to say, that because of the constant force of gravity, we can set the clock back, but never stop it from ticking. Women who don’t have breast lifts can expect some recurrent sag as well.


         Factors that are associated with the development of recurrent sag include thin skin, large breasts, fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, failure to use a bra for support, certain types of diseases that involve the connective tissue and cigarette smoking.


         Surgical technique is important as well, but less important than the patients wound healing and soft tissue characteristics. Most breast lift procedures utilize the skin to create an envelope which supports the breast tissue. Recently, techniques have been developed that utilize internal sutures to provide additional support. If breast implants are used to add volume or increase upper breast fullness, they should always be placed under the muscle and should not be of excessive size.


         In my experience, breast lifts are associated with high satisfaction rates and in many cases last between ten and fifteen years. It’s important to realize that gravity goes to work immediately and as time marches on, recurrent sag is inevitable to some degree. 

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How long will my breasts stay perky for after a breast lift with mommy makeover?

Thank you for your question and congratulations on your results.  You pose a very common question and one that unfortunately is difficult to provide a precise answer for.  There are a large number of variables, including but not limited to gravity, skin character, skin elasticity, fluctuations in weight, pregnancy and surgical technique, that will all affect the longevity of your results.  Recurrent ptosis is a possibility and you may require a lift many years down the line because the aging process never ceases.  Best of luck!

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Longevity of a breast lift

Congratulations on an excellent result. 

Your breast lift has reset the clock, however your breasts will descend with time. You can slow down the process by wearing a supportive bra, having a good sports bra for working out, and preventing fluctuations in your weight.

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Longevity of a breast lift

Congratulations on a great result! A breast lift sets back the clock, but unfortunately over time gravity always wins. Many individual factors will determine how long your results last. Wear a good support bra and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy your new look and try not to worry about the future.

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How to maintain results after Breast Lift

Congratulations on a nice result.   A few recommendations to increase the longevity of your result:


1.  Wear a good support bra, this will help prevent the weight of the implant from restretching the existing breast tissue.

2.  Maintain a stable weight, eat healthy, rest well.

3.  Do not smoke, alcohol only in moderation.

4.  Keep your skin well moisturized and wear appropriate sunblock when outside.

Enjoy the new you!!

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Longevity of lift post augmentation-mastopexy

The length of time your breasts will remain perky depends on a number of factors including, but not limited to, your genetics, whether you wear a bra or not most of the time, weight gains and losses, future pregnancies and your tissue elasticity.

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How long will this last?

Are you just bragging??!! You look great! Enjoy. At 7 months after surgery I think you will stay looking this way for years to come. Keep up with a healthy lifestyle and don't worry about the future. Enjoy the compliments.

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How Long Will My Breasts Stay Perky?

Congratulations on choosing an excellent plastic surgeon.  You have an excellent result.  Your tummy tuck, liposuction and breast lift with implants all look great.  The answer to how long your breasts will stay perky depends on multiple factors.  Since things are still looking good at 7 months, you should get about 10 years out of this beautiful lift by just wearing a good bra.  If you want to extend that 10 years, don't smoke, stay away from alcohol as much as possible, be careful of large swings in your weight which will stretch out your skin.  Your new body, and especially your new breasts, need to go to the beach, but I wouldn't do it too often and I wouldn't over tan as skin damage will also age one's skin and take away elasticity. 

If you do of the above right, take the right vitamins and supplements, I am pretty sure your breasts will stay perky for about 20 years, all things considered.  Have a wonderful time.

Longevity of breast lift

Thanks for question and you should be pleased because you have an excellent result.  Good job of always wearing a bra, it helps.  Somethings to do: avoid large weight fluctuations and wear good sports bra during excercise.  There is no exact answer to your question because everyone is different.  I would tell my patient to expect that her result should last seven to ten years.

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