One Front Tooth is Longer Than the Other?

If a front tooth is 1/8" longer than the other, and they are both already longer than the eye teeth, what is the best procedure to shorten? I have an overbite and braces as a child, teech are straight, but one has grown longer than the other.

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One tooth longer than another?

A procedure called enamelplasty in painless fast and relatively inexpensive, a dentist will smooth the edges of these teeth until they are even. Good Luck



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Simple to treat

Without photographs it is very difficult to tell but often times the best treatment is the simplest and least invasive. You can have your dentist perform enameloplasty (if you are a candidate) to shorten the tooth that is longer. The procedure is simple inexpensive and minimally invasive

Aria Irvani, DDS
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