How Long is a Dental Crown Procedure?

How many minutes is the entire procedure from the prep, the mold, and the fitting for a crown?

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One visit crown

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Good morning

Will use a system called Cerec

This means we can avoid the horrible impression, that can make you gag

Instead your tooth is scanned after the preparation and the crown in made on site within 20 minutes

Thus the whole procedure from start to finish takes just 70-80 minutes and 20 minutes of this is relaxing, drinking tea or coffee in the waiting room

Great Britain Dentist

full mouth dentistry - preparing 28 teeth in one sitting.

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 I  do a fair amount of full mouth dentistry - preparing 28 teeth in 4 hours. I am not surprised when patients tell me that their old dentist took 2 hours do one or two crowns.  Dentists just like patients are  people, with different  peronalities, experience, and techniques and beliefs. Some believe if you  are too fast, you sacrifice quality, some think if  you learn the best techniques, and use the best material and equipment, you can prep 28 teeth ( full  mouth reconstructions) start to finish in two 4 hour appointment. AND the teeth are never the same.
So there are many variables.
I would say about 80 % of the times, all equal situation ( not a bleeder, not a root canaled tooth, normal mouth opening, etc..) by the time patient sits in , gets numbed, teeth cleaned out, build up placed, and impression taken, and temporary made you in the chair about 1 hour.  The actual cutting/ prepping the tooth 5-10 minutes tops!


Soheyla Marzvaan, DDS
Orange County Dentist

Appointment for a crown

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The time it takes varies between dentists.   On average it takes from 45 minutes to about an hour.  The procedure would involve getting you adequately numbed.  Prepping and taking a mold of the tooth.  Then the dentist will make you a temporary crown.   The following appointment to cement the final crown should only take about 15 minutes, provided the crown seats correctly.  Good Luck!

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist

Appointment time for a crown

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The amount of time necessary to prep a tooth for a crown varies among dentists.  Some take an hour while others may take up to two hours.  A build-up on the tooth may be necessary before the prep is done, and an impression is taken to be sent to the lab.  The precision of the prep in terms of its design and the right amount of reduction, and a well taken impression will determine the success of the crown.  A temporary crown  then needs to be fabricated and cemented temporarily.  Shade selection is also done.  The next appointment to cement the crown would take an estimated half hour.  Just remember that high quality work may take a little longer but is well worth it.   Best, Dr. Elizabeth Jahanian 

Elizabeth Jahanian, DDS
Los Angeles Dentist

It depends on how long you want your crown to last.

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I saw some other dentist's answer that it depends on the dentist and that is true.  BUT a dentist who does not take the time to make sure his preparations are perfect, that the correct amount and shape of tooth structure is removed, that not too much tooth is removed, that the shade taken is accurate and esthetic, that the margins are smooth and perfect, that the impression of the preparation and the bite is perfect, and that any damage to the tooth of old fillings are repaired so as not to reduce the strength of the tooth or impinge on the margins WILL  PROBABLY GIVE YOU A CROWN THAT WILL NOT LAST AND MAY NOT LOOK LIKE, FEEL LIKE, NOR FUNCTION LIKE A REAL TOOTH.  After 30 years of practice and hundreds of  hours of cosmetic and restorative post-graduate dental education, I still take on average between 11/2 to 2 hours for a single crown plus another 30 minutes to cement the crown on a second visit, but less time per tooth as the number of teeth being prepared increases.  In our office we guarantee our crowns for life for everthing but wear and accidents.

Crown appointment

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It can depend, but I would be prepared to be in the chair for 1.5-2 hours. Each step during the crown process is to ensure a good quality end result and comfort while in the temporary phase. A little more time in the chair can be worth it for a better quality result!

Allison Melancon, DDS
Covington Dentist

How Long is a Dental Crown Procedure?

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Depending on a difficulty of the case, in my office it can take no more  60-80 minutes from start to finish.


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Usually the procedure takes about an hour in my office.  There are times that it takes longer though and that all depends on the condition of the tooth, for example if the tooth needs a Core Build Up prior to preparing the tooth for the crown.  Core Build up is a filling under the crown that replaces decayed tooth structure.  

Dental Crown Procedure

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A dental crown procedure really depends upon many factors including access to the tooth, anesthesia, patient compliance and etc. You should estimate around 30 minutes though. Hope this answer helps! 

Dr. Malakov 

Albert Malakov, DDS
Long Island City Dentist

Length of Dental Crown Procedure

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The amount of time for a dental crown procedure varies depending on the dentist, but one to two hours is typical. Factors that will affect the time is location of the tooth, condition of the tooth (intact or severely damaged by decay), and the dentist’s proficiency. Regardless of factors that influence chair time, the most important factor is the accuracy of the tooth preparation and of the impression (mold). These factors along with the quality of the dental lab affects the fit and finish of the new crown.

Prince Arrington III, DDS
Boca Raton Dentist

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