How Long After Invisalign is Finished Can Crown Work Start?

I am 12 trays into 30 trays of invisalign and will require crowns on some teeth afterwards . After tray 30 how long will I have to wait to start the crown process?

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Crown process

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If you need the crowns asap, due to the damage of your teeth, you can start any time.

Dr Barba

Santa Ana Dentist

Crowns can be placed once Invisalign is complete

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Once you have finished your Invisalign treatment, your dental provider can start any necessary restorative treatment (i.e., crowns, bridges, etc.).  If your dentist needs to put your teeth into temporaries while the final crowns are being made, the last Invisalign aligner that you are wearing can be used to help your dentist make the temporary so that you'll be able to continue wearing your aligners while you wait for the permanent crowns to be finished. 

If your dentist uses same-day CEREC technology, he/she can "copy" the shape of your existing teeth to fabricate new crowns that will fit your last Invisalign aligner, thereby eliminating the need for a new aligner or retainer!

Good Luck :)

Michael Gulizio, DMD, MS
Manhattan Dentist

How long after Invisalign for crowns

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One of the beauties of Invisalign is that it is completed at the last appointment and there is no "settling in" period.

Your crowns can be started immediately assuming you and the doctor are happy with the result. You will continue to wear a retainer with your Temporaries and your new crowns.

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
Memphis Dentist

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