Testosterone boosters and hair transplant?

I'm 2 months post hair transplant and looking to get back into the gym, would taking natural testosterone boosters hinder hair transplants results? I have been on propecia for 3 months am I correct in thinking this will cancel out and raised DHT levels I'm the scalp?

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Testosterone boosters

The use of testosterone is clearly significant in accelerating the progressive nature of genetic hair loss in all men

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"Testosterone Boosters" could lead to increased hair loss

Items at the health food store labeled "Testosterone Boosters" are not well defined. Some may have DHEA in them which may increase production of testosterone.  Be cautioned that these supplements are not regulated by the FDA which means we don't always know how your body will react to them and they don't have to go through rigorous clinical trials before being sold to customers. What we do know is that Testosterone is converted to DHT in the body and that is what causes hair loss in men that are genetically susceptible. If your testosterone goes up in response to the supplement, it may very well cause  hair loss. The transplant is likely to grow just fine however, the native hair in the thinning area is typically the more genetically susceptible area to DHT so you might experience more thinning there. If you are already on Propecia, that is good. You may want to talk to your doctor about adjusting your dose of finasteride to combat the effects of testosterone/DHT.

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Taking testosterone or boosters may increase DHT levels which may cause increased hair loss.

Taking testosterone or boosters may increase DHT levels which may cause increased hair loss that is susceptible to DHT.  It would be best to check with your doctor before taking any testosterone boosters.

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TP and testosterone boosters

craig8,If you are referring to taking testosterone injections then it may increase the risk of increased hair loss. Propecia blocks the conversion of testosterone to DHT decreasing it by 70%. So it makes sense to safeguard the increase risk with prophylactic treatment. Ultimately, it is dependent on what is in your DNA. All the best,
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