How can I get rid of this weird dent when I smile? (photos)

I really hope someone can help me. I'm getting married next year but hate smiling due to a weird dent that appears when I smile. It shows on the right-hand side only; I first noticed it about five years ago when I was thirty. It's like a small pocket of fat bunches at the side of my mouth and creates an ugly vertical line when I smile. I saw someone about having fillers but they said this wasn't possible as you can't see the line when my face is resting, only when I smile. Can anything be done?!

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Smile lines by the mouth

There is a new HA filler that's approved in the US specifically for this problem called Restyle Defyne.  If injected in the area, it will erase these lines.   Try it a few months before the wedding to make sure you like the results.  

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Smile indentation-- injectable filler for long lasting results

This area is a very sensitive area and must be treated in that manner. This indentation or dimpled area should not be filled as that can cause a problematic outcome long term. By looking at the underlying issue which could be a variety of things like loss of volume, laxity, lack of connecting fibers of the muscle within that area. By lifting the cheek area, this will decrease the prominence of the dent within the nasal labial fold. Also with other combination approaches you may find optimal results by simply analyzing the underlying imperfection. Please seek a highly skilled cosmetic surgeon who specializes in combination treatments and facial injections related to sensitive areas that are possible to be treated meticulously. Best, Dr. Berger

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