How to relax masseter muscle after Botox injection?

Hi, I got injected by doctor in to masseter and my cheeks are paralyzed and I lost my beautiful smile. Few days per week I go to doctor and he massaging face with microdermabrasion probe. My question is it gonna be helpful to relax the muscles? He saying few weeks... Last time it was 3months but without massaging... Please help

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Botox for Masseter

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This will resolve in 3-4 months, botox doesn't last permanently.  I suggest an alternative approach in the future, but this is a risk of injections along the jawline. Best, Dr. Emer.

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Masseter injection affected the smile

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The injection was not done properly. The effects of Botox caused the risorius muscle to weaken. This muscle causes the corners of the mouth to widen when smiling. The other possibility is that the zygomaticus muscles were affected. In any case, nothing will alter the course of the misplaced Botox, including the therapy being offered by the Doctor. It will take about 3-4 months for this to return to normal. This is an injection for experienced physcians and often lead to this problem with novice injectors.

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Sounds like the botox is in the wrong spot

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Hi Sarute48, 

It sounds like the botox may have gotten into the zygomaticus muscles on the cheeks.  This can happen if the botox is a little bit in front of the masseter muscle.  I don't think that the massaging is going to do anything to help.  Botox relaxes muscles so the idea of trying to relax them more with a probe seems illogical.I think 3 months makes sense for when it will get better.  You can try to force yourself to smile as much as possible as this will strengthen the still working muscles and may speed up your recovery somewhat.In the future, make sure that the botox is going in low near the angle of your jawbone.  Good luck!

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Botox for the masseter

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Thank you for your question Sarute48. Botox is a purified protein used to address wrinkles associated with facial expressions. In the lower face in can be placed in the masseter muscle to contour the face. Botox relaxes the muscle so it is not necessary to do anything to further relax the muscle. Additional units may be added if necessary. Please follow up with your doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

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